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Construction Management


During the planning phase of your project we will conduct a thorough analysis of the site, carefully review local laws, regulations and ordinances, and develop an overall project strategy that includes specific procedures for:

  • Scheduling
  • Documentation
  • Quality control
  • OSHA compliance
  • Change orders
  • Warranties
  • Operations and maintenance
  • Site-specific safety program

We will also identify potential challenges and key project risks and implement the necessary solutions to avoid delays and increased expenses

Value Engineering

PCI uses value engineering when estimating project costs and creating a budget and will aggressively look for cost-saving opportunities.  We consider cost control one of our highest priorities and will vigorously manage expenses.


PCI provides full-time site supervision, including regularly scheduled on-site meetings and continuing budget reviews. Our team will coordinate with subcontractors, agencies, architects, owners and other key personnel to keep the project on schedule and within budget.  We will also provide ongoing monitoring on site controls, including:

  • Noise & dust pollution
  • Site cleanliness and housekeeping
  • Material storage and allocation

Tenant Improvements Projects

Tenant improvement work is an ongoing process for any commercial property. PacifiCore is an experienced and reputable Tenant Improvement contractor with many of our TI projects arising from past Customers looking to refresh their look years later.

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